Les Granules, Parasites, Justine — Europe 1997

While the projects Les Granules, Parasites and Justine were performing at festivals in Italy, Serbia and The Netherlands, Diane Labrosse and René Lussier took the opportunity to present solo sets (Labrosse in London, Lussier in Gand).

Les Granules

Les Granules is a duo consisting of two fabulous multi-instrumentalists: Jean Derome and René Lussier. Together, they play improvised, playful and completely free music. These two one-man bands contort and execute the wildest tricks to ground together traditional music, jazz and contemporary music, managing to smile fully while keeping their tongue firmly planted in their cheek.


As a duo, Diane Labrosse and Martin Tétreault focus mostly on improvisation, be it structured or free. They started collaborating in 1992. Back then, their approach was rather quote-heavy and lyrical, and featured vinyl records, common musical instruments and samples of easily identifiable music. Lately, they have developed a style closer to the noise music genre. Martin Tétreault has almost completely abandoned the vinyl record, focusing instead on the sonic possibilities of the record player itself: dropping the needle on a rubber mat, putting a spring on the stylus, etc. As for Diane Labrosse, she is shaping abstract matter and indefinite spaces, recycling the industrial into something organic, buzzing, copying and nuancing.


Improvised rock, punk-jazz, post-modern ethnic: Justine’s music is hybrid in nature. From jig to digital, from tango to noise, the band serves up an assemblage of sonic layers and musical chunks. A textured sound in which soul is expressed through synthetic instruments and surprising twists.

Justine can easily switch from instrumental tunes to songs. Lyrics are half playful, half metaphorical, sweet, and activist. Four voices, each with its own hues, contribute their rough, light, chanted and whispered tones to the message.

  • Sunday, May 4, 1997
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, 23 – Ghent (Belgium)
  • Sunday, May 4, 1997
    7:30 pm
Institute of Contemporary Arts
London (England, UK)
  • Wednesday, May 7, 1997
    9:00 pm
Teatro San Leonardo – Centro di Ricerca Musicale
Via San Vitale, 63 – Bologna (Italy)
  • Thursday, May 8, 1997
Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Friday, May 9, 1997
    9:00 pm
Teatro San Leonardo – Centro di Ricerca Musicale
Via San Vitale, 63 – Bologna (Italy)
  • Tuesday, May 13, 1997
    9:00 pm
Velika sala — Pozorište mladih
Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • Wednesday, May 14, 1997
    8:00 pm
Cinema Rex
Belgrade (Serbia)

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