Ensemble SuperMusique

Tournée 2020-21

Featuring the most prominent musicians and composers of Montréal’s burgeoning musique actuelle scene, Ensemble SuperMusique defiantly mixes composed music and free improv, as well as acoustic and electronic instruments. Founded in 1998, ESM is led by Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger; its flexibility allows the ensemble to present a wide variety of different projects where each interpreter is invited to integrate his or her own idiosyncratic vocabulary to the group’s repertoire. The ensemble’s repertoire comprises compositions by its own members, commissions made to various composers, as well as a few “classical” graphic scores and aleatoric music compositions. In addition to performing regularly in Montréal and on tour, the Ensemble SuperMusique has played Canada’s most important new music festivals.


Jeux de pistes — Graphic scores (with or without direction)

Tailor-made programmes featuring compositions by: Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen (DK), Maxime Daigneault (QC), Jean Derome (QC), Fred Frith (UK), Raymond Gervais (QC), Joane Hétu (QC), Anestis Logothetis (Greece), Cléo Palacio-Quintin (QC), Danielle Palardy Roger (QC), Luigi Russolo (Italy)

La musique de gestes — Specific vocabularies of gestures to conduct improvised music

This programme features a multitude of visual signs and gestures used by all three Ensemble SuperMusique leaders — a genuine new language used to construct or modify real-time musical improvisations.

Prompters: Jean Derome (QC), Joane Hétu (QC), Danielle Palardy Roger (QC)


Ensemble SuperMusique (ESM): Cléo Palacio-Quintin, flutes; Jean Derome, alto saxophone, objects, conductor; Joane Hétu, alto saxophone, voice, objects, conductor; Elizabeth Millar, clarinet; Craig Pedersen, trumpet; Scott Thomson, trombone; Diane Labrosse, sampler; Pierre-Yves Martel, electric bass; Pierre Tanguay, drums; Danielle Palardy Roger, percussion, conductor

Fiche technique

The ensemble can play in both semi-acoustic or fully amplified settings. Tech rider and stage layout available on request.

In the press

“It was a work of brilliant simplicity that began and ended with the quietest sizzle of scratched strings and softly blown reeds strongly suggesting human breath, ultimately crafting a space in which audience and band were one.” — Stuart Broomer, Musicworks [Read article]

“This was easily the best improvisation by a large Quebec ensemble heard here in many years.” — Mike Chamberlain, All About Jazz [Read article]

“Plus qu’une expérience esthétique c’est une véritable remise en question de notre attitude réceptive que nous avons vécue en nous immergeant dans la musique actuelle et improvisée.” — Florence Leyssieux [Read article]

“Le sérieux de leur démarche ainsi que leur total investissement étaient palpable en tout instant et ont contribué à faire de cet événement la preuve indiscutable que la musique est plus que jamais vivante.” — Paul Bazin [Read article]

“… une expérience, intellectuelle et sensorielle, d’une musique faite pour être vue autant, sinon plus, que pour être entendue.” — Caroline Marcoux-Gendron [Read article]

“… compositions disent où et quand jouer, mais pas quelle matière… ” — Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir [Read article]

“On fait l’expérience d’une émotion brute, fondamentale en assistant à son interprétation de Filature avec l’Ensemble SuperMusique.” — Yvan Maurage, Les Nouvelles d’Archimède [Read article]

“Joane has a gift for breaking up the melody and having different members share their lines so that whole band sounds like one refined tapestry of sound.” — Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery [Read article]