Circuits électriques (2022)

Patricia Bosshard


Commission: Tour de bras


Programme notes

Circuits électriques (Electric circuits) is a composition that deals with three aspects of sound:

  1. The sounds of ‘vintage’ electronic instruments, generated by guitar effects pedals (distortion, reverb, modulation, delay, etc)
  2. The sounds of acoustic instruments using the same types of effects
  3. Acoustic sounds

At the heart of the composition is the search for balance and imbalance between these different means of sound propagation.
The work explores timbral associations that would otherwise be difficult to achieve;
Overlapping layers;
Connections with electronic effects, extravagance;
A series of solos that are in opposition to each other; Incongruous dialogues in the form of duos.
Underlying everything is the notion of a circuit, a network, transmission, passing from one vibration to another, from one musician to another, from one mode of expression to another.