Vík í Mýrdal (2017)

Programme notes

Based off of an aerial view of Vík, a town on the southern coast of Iceland, this piece recreates Vik’s topography using five distinct animated symbols (assets) to populate the screen. Each asset contains different meanings and is assigned unique musical functions over time for different instrument groupings over the course of the piece. Instrument groupings are mainly coordinated according to timbral textures and modes of sound production. Specific pitch content is initially derived from spectral analyses of field recordings taken on location and then elaborated to relate to the visual representation. This piece operates under the belief that the outcome of improvisatory dynamics of groups acting as single/cooperating populations mimics the contingent relationships of weather, erosion, and proliferation of plant life that affect a landscape’s identity. The value of displacing and transforming information across differing modes of interpreting / comprehending to reach new representational outcomes is explored as an extension of this belief.