Fragile (2017)

Programme notes

In the UK if someone is named a ‘vulnerable adult’, it often means they are deemed ‘at risk’ It can mean that unusual behaviour and nonconformity is seen as risky behaviour which needs modifying or controlling.

In the arts, vulnerability is increasingly being recognised as an important part of the creative process.

I believe my vulnerability and capacity to surrender to the muse is a key factor in my ever deepening relationship with free improvisation and other musics.

Using a variety of creative spring boards,I would like to explore vulnerability and power in it’s different aspects.

I invite musicians to reflect on these themes and bring related ideas, concepts, words, sounds, short pieces etc which we can integrate with free improvisation.

I offer a short text I wrote during a training session I did with social work students in mental health in which I experienced both the dysfunctional and creative sides of vulnerability.

“Wounded healer, nurturing warrior am I seeking safe space to share crazy wisdom.”