2 snare drum, processing and video

Programme notes

This piece is a tribute to Brazil and its abundance. First, its natural abundance, with its variety of landscapes, its lush flora and fauna, its forests, its beaches… Then, cultural abundance, with an inimitable freshness, variety and vitality. Brazil will remain for me a symbol of the festive optimism of an entire people who live to the rhythm of music and dance.

The title conjures up the Trio electrico, a musical caravan, a type of Brazilian techno parade, where are played for interminable hours and at a hellish tempo the rhythms of the Brazilian northeast carnival (Salvador de Bahia…). It also conjures up an “electronic” version of Brazil where the traditional rhythms of Samba, Foro and Maracatu are blended with synthetic sounds and western harmonies. Finally, there is a tribute to Aquarela do Brasil, literally and figuratively, since in addition to depicting a rather personal and colorful version of this mythical country, the sparkling colors will be the raw materials of this visual fireworks.