Pour ne pas désespérer seul (2011)

Commission: Coat Cooke for the Orkestra Futura, with support from the CCA


  • (jumping at) Opportunities
  • The Sparkle
  • Carressing the Viscera
  • To Despair Alone — verse
  • To Despair Alone — chorus
  • Dream Life
  • The Complaint

Programme notes

A piece for an unspecified ensemble of musicians-improvisers. Movements are to be performed in an undetermined order, and can be superimposed. Each movement can be repeated at will. Movements begin and end on a cue.

The piece can be conducted from within or by a designated conductor/musician. Instruments are suggested for solos and themes, but the ensemble or the conductor can make different choices.

“Since the beginning, two schools of thought have been in conflict: sedentary people/ nomadic people — Christians/Muslims — capitalists/socialists — traditionalists/progressivists — federalists/separatists — and the list goes on. We’re told that, due to a virtual pendulum, our societies will unescapably move from one side to the other and back again, from George W Busch to Barack Obama… But how can we enjoy life while our clan is not in power?

I have drawn inspiration from eight states, feelings, attitudes from my life regarding the other clan, and I have set these propositions to music so as not to despair alone and to get through the age of buffoons — since the other clan often looks to us like buffoons…”