Malgré tout face A (2012)

Commission: Productions SuperMusique, with support from the CCA

Audio recordings

  • Recorded live on Saturday, May 19, 2012 • Ensemble SuperMusique (ESM) (Michel F Côté; Joane Hétu; Danielle Palardy Roger; Martin Tétreault; Alexandre St-Onge; Guido Del Fabbro; Émilie Girard-Charest; Vergil Sharkya’; Jean Derome)

Programme notes

“Malgré tout” is at one time an economical, dense and educational composition. It will enable the audience to enjoy 9 musicians playing each a concertino based on 9 pre-determined and approved musical archetypes. All musicians will play simultaneously, in the same room, but without the same purpose nor any audio or visual cue. In short, it’s only a mix of different styles of music, really…