Reinventing the Wheel (2010)

Commission: Productions SuperMusique

Audio recordings

  • Recorded live on Tuesday, March 22 – Wednesday, 23, 2011 • Magali Babin; Guido Del Fabbro; Jean Derome; Émilie Girard-Charest; Joane Hétu; Philippe Lauzier; Danielle Palardy Roger; Alexandre St-Onge; Pierre Tanguay; Scott Thomson

Programme notes

The score for Reinventing the Wheel is a continuation of the mandala-inspired forms of circular notation that I have been developing over the past few years. This piece encourages a group of musicians to explore homologous and/or complementary pitch and rhythmic structures through real-time musical interaction and group decision making. The entire process is intended to function as a process of centering for both performers and listeners.

Reinventing the Wheel reflects several basic tenets of my creative practice:

  1. That no sound or system of musical logic is inherently better or more interesting than any other.
  2. That music should be a process of discovery for composers, performers, and audience members alike.
  3. That contemporary music offers us an opportunity to create not only new musical relationships, but also new social relationships through music.