Les cahiers (2011)

Commission: Productions SuperMusique, with support from the CCA

Audio recordings

  • Recorded live on Tuesday, March 22 – Wednesday, 23, 2011 • Magali Babin; Guido Del Fabbro; Jean Derome; Émilie Girard-Charest; Joane Hétu; Philippe Lauzier; Danielle Palardy Roger; Alexandre St-Onge; Pierre Tanguay; Scott Thomson

Programme notes

A graphic score in the form of a notebook. No notes, no rhythms; rather, directives for textures, dynamics, and personalities. Ten notebooks, each one a little different, all complementary, all drawing inspiration from geometry, poetry, chemistry, and calculation tables.

So there are ten notebooks, one each for the shy one, the stupid one, the zealous one, the bully, the dreamer, the dissenter, the free-thinker, the kind one, the indecisive one, and the talkative one. And the ten musicians have to channel this personality when they reach the “solo” indication in their notebook. Just to keep things fresh, musicians exchange notebooks each time they perform the piece, both at rehearsals and in concert.