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Ça frappe — Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at La Sala Rossa, 8:30 PM

Concert / CD release party with Elliott Sharp and Antoine Berthiaume and a free improvisation trio featuring Philippe Lauzier, Pierre-Yves Martel and Martin Tétreault.

Productions SuperMusique in collaboration with the record label DAME and S.A.L.A. present an evening of music rooted in the here and now, with a guitar dialogue between Elliott Sharp, a key player on the New-York avant-garde music scene, and Antoine Berthiaume, a young and fearless Montrealer. The evening will start with a blistering free improvisation trio put together by Philippe Lauzier. And that’s not all: the concert will double as a release party for two CDs featuring these performers. A striking event! Ça frappe!

On stage

In their explosive open-ended improvisations, Sharp and Berthiaume, conjure up the unexpected and the unheard, in the heat of the moment and the instantaneous decisions of instinct. No self-censorship - listeners witness the discussion unfolding freely in front of them. Unpredictable, this expressionistic duo brings forth dense yet coherent music. Making one with their six strings, the two buddies scratch, pluck, shift tempos, turn volume knobs, and amplify electrical parasites as they reinvent their instrument and turn into bona fide sonic tamperers. A desultory conversation, a surprising one-on-one!

The trio consisting of Philippe Lauzier, Pierre-Yves Martel and Martin Tétreault, he soundscapes of an abandoned factory. Subtle and crafty instrumentalists with a noisy and poetic approach to music.

Elliot Sharp

Is a major musician in modern creative music.Elliott Sharp leads the projects Orchestra Carbon, Tectonics et Terraplane. He is a pioneer in the application of fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors to music composition and interaction. He has worked or is currently working with Ensemble Modern, qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt, pop singer Debbie Harry, legendary bluesmen Hubert Sumlin and Pops Staples, jazz greats Jack DeJohnette and Sonny Sharrock, creative turntablist Christian Marclay, and Master Musicians of Jahjouka leader Bachir Attar.

Antoine Berthiaume

Guitarist/composer Antoine Berthiaume is a founding member of the folk/western group Rodéoscopique and a huge jazz fan. For the past ten years, he has been leading a remarkable career in improvised music. He has worked with Pierre Tanguay, Michel Donato, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Takumi Seino, and Elliot Sharp. Berthiaume has released five albums.

On record

Release party for two CDs released by independent label Ambiances Magnétiques and distributed by DAME:

  • BASE [AM 178], with Antoine Berthiaume and Elliot Sharp
  • Disparition de l’usine éphémère [AM 181], with Philippe Lauzier, Pierre-Yves Martel, Kim Myhr and Martin Tétreault.

BASE [AM 178] — Antoine Berthiaume and Elliot Sharp

Is the duo’s debut CD, BASE, 11 improvisations reminiscent of Xenakis structures and intensity. “BASE is constructed, deconstructed, and then reconstructed in a wall of sounds that stretches from awakening to exploration, to a final concerto like a syncopated scream from the instruments. We should worry about hell. Let’s be nice and pay attention.” - Serge Abiaad More informations on actuellecd.

Disparition de l’usine éphémère [AM 181] — [controle.bq_bios.afficher]Philippe Lauzier, Pierre-Yves Martel, Kim Myhr and Martin Tétreault

A first CD for this quartet consisting of first-rate improvisors from Quebec and Norway. Combining modern and early-music instruments, the group poetically recreates the soundscapes of an abandoned factory. A polyphonic orchestra where pipes, pumps, wheels, objects, bells, and engines form a large machine of acoustic and electronic sounds.More informations on actuellecd.

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