Quatre créations pour l’Ensemble SuperMusique et la Chorale Joker

Under the artistic direction of Joane Hétu, the concert Démantibulé·es (Dismantlers) unites four works, four premieres that evoke both the negative and the beneficial effects of the pxandemic. We are dismantlers and yet courageous optimists when faced with our survival and recovery.

Joane Hétu is an accomplished creator of amalgamation of all scales. In this work she assembles new types of sounds, rumbles and unexpected acclamations. She brings together her choir Joker (small group), a disparate ensemble of electronic or constructed instruments (synthesizers, oscillators, samplers, modified percussions) and a wind quintet (flute, clarinet, saxophones, trombone).

In addition, she invites two accomplices to join her. She assigns the task of dismantling and rebuilding the scattered pieces of our pandemic states of mind to the composers Jean Derome and Maxime Corbeil-Perron.

Between the before, during and long awaited after, here are four works and three composers who value diversity and compellingly dismantle our resistance to change.