From the origins of sounds to exploratory poetry

SuperMusique is pleased to finally present Cabinet de curiosités and the works of composers Cléo Palacio-Quintin, Elizabeth Millar and Ryoko Akama. This concert had to be postponed in May 2020 because of public safety restrictions due to Covid-19.

“Cabinets de curiosités” are rooms in which varied collections of rare, new or peculiar things are displayed… like the various sounds that you might hear at this concert. Dating back to the Renaissance “cabinets de curiosités” were a means to discover the world. Mostly collections of natural specimens from faraway places, their usual purpose was to further the scientific understanding of these things.

This spirit of scientific research is evident in the psychoacoustic explorations of Elizabeth Millar in her composition Loudness, while for her work, Japanese-Korean artist Ryoko Akama was inspired by onomatopoeias which are very common in the Japanese language.

In her composition cycle Aléas, Cléo Palacio-Quintin draws on natural cycles and geological phenomena which have formed the earth. The abstract cosmology of the piece combines the poetry of Thierry Dimanche with the composer’s visual art (both analog and digital) in interactive improvised montages.

A concert in the company of the fiery improvising instrumentalists of Ensemble SuperMusique. From the emission of pure sound to the exploratory poetry of Thierry Dimanche, this concert will undoubtedly make you prick up your ears!