Pre-concert exhibition

Une exposition consacrée à Productions SuperMusique sera accessible à tous, au Gesù à partir de 19h. Venez y découvrir une rétrospective depuis leur création au travers de photos, affiches, vidéos, objets, etc.

Avec également la présence de la revue Circuit, musiques contemporaines pour la sortie de leur nouveau numéro qui célèbre l’improvisation et les 40 ans de Productions SuperMusique.

La source

In 1980 a burst of musical audacity and freedom gave birth to a new genre that has since expanded into an intricate network of new musics. From its early rivulets to its fully formed rivers, this spring has transformed itself into a prodigious interweaving of sonic inventions and “noisy” ideas. Under the guidance of the former three original Super-Mémés — as the three artistic directors were known at that time —, an actual booking agency for concerts and tours was born… Between 1980 and 1986, this agency worked exclusively with/for a small bunch of bands: Wondeur Brass, Justine and Les Poules. Over the years, they decided to open up to other musicians; SuperMusique became then a major player for the creation, production and distribution of musique actuelle and improvised music.

Series detail