4th International Conference on Technologies of Notation and Representation

Since 2015, the TENOR conferences have established the growing relevance of emergent technologies of notation and representation for a wide range of musical practices. They offer a lively forum for current research into situational scores, software, hardware, performance practices and theories of music notation and representation.

Through its participation at TENOR, Ensemble SuperMusique, proficient in the use of graphic scores for years, ushers in new tools by equipping its musicians with iPads, replacing traditional paper scores. The works, composed in the form of films or animated graphics, are thus projected before each musician as well as on a screen, visible to the public. The devices are all connected to a network in order to ensure a perfect synchronization between the musicians, who each play a distinct part.

The Australian composer Cat Hope has composed a new work for the occasion, using the program Decibel ScorePlayer — a program she developed alongside members of her ensemble Decibel (Australia). ESM will also present two compositions — chosen from the conference’s call for scores — by emerging composers Ciaran Fram (Australia) and Marta Tiesenga (USA), and revisit works by its directors Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger.