Collateral (Adams / Crofts / Shalabi): a colorful, expressive and extremely powerful trio. Opening act, Palacio-Quintin / Lauzier: two seasoned improvisers creating time-based and organic textures.

Collateral was formed in 2014 at a suddenlyLISTEN concert in Halifax. The trio fuses together contemporary classical music, Middle Eastern reminiscences and free jazz in a powerful mix the musicians create using a wide variety of approaches to their instruments, from the most predictable sounds to fully extended techniques. This concert is part of a national tour stretching from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Victoria, British Columbia; the tour will celebrate the launch of their eponymous CD, Collateral. The Montréal audience will be treated to one of their exceptional live performances.

Cléo Palacio-Quintin and Philippe Lauzier approach improvisation as a form of meditation, where breathing is the source of any vibrating sound they produce. Their soft and gentle wind instruments serve as resonators, revealing every tiny detail of their breathing and creating rich sound textures that combine varied and multiphonic timbres. Their sound becomes a living organic material slowly sculpted to reveal its minimal acoustic variations; a rich soundscape where a whole new perception of time is disclosed to the attentive listener.