Nous perçons les oreilles: Un idéal

Concert / launch of the album Un idéal

Joane Hétu and Jean Derome formed Nous perçons les oreilles 20 years ago. A whole life spent squealing, scratching, roaring, howling, shouting, whispering… On this new set of songs and improvisations, Joane and Jean are pushing their art further, expanding on the pleasure they still experience when playing together. The album features 3 songs by Joane Hétu: Excepté, Le territoire, and the title track Un idéal. A lot has been said about Nous perçons les oreilles. Some spoke of intimacy, violence, textures, daily life, sensuality, magic. Others have described the duo’s music as unsettling, disturbing, overwhelming, off-kilter, iconoclastic, highly contrasting, heart-wrenching, vibrant. The performers have been called bold, courageous, curious…, but for NPLO life goes on, and that’s all. As Joane Hétu wrote in her song Un idéal: “Being an artist your whole life is something you have to live, you can’t idealize it.”