Ensemble SuperMusique

Cartes et terrain

    • Thursday, April 1, 2010
    La Sala Rossa
    4848, boulevard Saint-Laurent, 3e étage – H2T 1R5
    métro Laurier + autobus 51 / métro Saint-Laurent + autobus 55
    • In person

Une invitation lancée à cinq jeunes compositeurs pour inventer cinq partitions graphiques

Five young composers are invited to create and invent five new graphic scores or improvisation canvases for Ensemble SuperMusique’s master improvisers. New card decks and rallye maps for improvised music’s vast territory. Directed and mentored by Jean Derome and Danielle Palardy Roger, the young creators will be able to put their ideas to the test and experiment their material in a series of workshops with Ensemble SuperMusique, before putting the final touches to their works. An initiative tracing an open path to the future and the transmission of a few keys and game rules.



In pictures

  • The Ensemble SuperMusique (ESM) at the Cartes et terrain [Photograph: Lévy Bourbonnais, Montréal (Québec), April 1, 2010]
  • Season brochure 2009-10, page 7 [September 8, 2009]