Les Poules — Córdoba, Spain 2003

  • Friday, October 24, 2003

Presented by Productions SuperMusique (PSM).

Iglesia de San Juan de Dios
Calle Párroco Joaquín Jiménez Muriel, 3 – Lucena (Spain)

Although just returning from the USA where they did a short tour, LES POULES are on their way again. This time to Espana where they will take part in “Sensxperiment 2003", a festival of creation taking place in Lucena. With their most recent repertoire and cd “Prairie orange", these three improvisors create evocative soundscapes that do not lack intensity. Their music is freed from all standards and clichés. It is adventurous, full of sharp turns and dangerous somersaults. An ode to parachuting! As always, they will take pleasure in mixing synthetic and acoustic sounds, sampled noises and altered music, percussive elements and lyrical moments, whispers and grunts. One should know that LES POULES do not play it safe!