Urbain Desbois + Castor et compagnie

    • Thursday, October 6, 1994
    • Friday, October 7, 1994
    • Saturday, October 8, 1994
    La Chapelle – scènes contemporaines
    3700, rue Saint-Dominique – H2X 2X7
    métro Sherbrooke + autobus 144 / métro Saint-Laurent + autobus 55 Nord
    • In person

Urbain Desbois [literally: Urban Woodsman] sings real-life songs using a form of poetry that does not hide behind its vocabulary. He is a metropolitan countryman, a city guy of the rural areas. He continues to migrate to the country of sound, carrying with him strings and a keyboard. Together with his friends The Room-Tones, he will unpack his luggage on stage.


Castor et compagnie is a concert of slightly erotic love songs. Started in 1992 with Au pays du castor, the suave and explicit song cycle carries on. Written (lyrics & music) by Joane Hétu, these suave and explicit songs for senses-lovers are spicy musical foreplays performed by artists who know how to use their tongue… and plant it firmly in their cheek.


In pictures

  • Montage des pages 2 et 3 du programme de la saison 1994-95
  • Montage recto verso du carton