Jean Derome et Les Dangereux Zhoms

    • Thursday, December 9, 1993
    • Friday, December 10, 1993
    • Saturday, December 11, 1993
    La Chapelle – scènes contemporaines
    3700, rue Saint-Dominique – H2X 2X7
    métro Sherbrooke + autobus 144 / métro Saint-Laurent + autobus 55 Nord
    • In person

The pieces that make up this concert have been written from Jean Derome’s travel diaries. Just like a motion picture soundtrack, these musical diaries take us quickly from location to location, mood to mood, feeling to feeling. And they feature a number of dance music styles: limbo, calypso, samba, waltz. What is unique about Derome is the way he factors into his work the musicians with whom he works. Written music, indeed, but music leaving room for unplanned event that are, well, orchestrated accordingly. Derome sees the six musicians performing this living music as stuntmen. Great inventors. Trapeze artists. Musicians, really.


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