Ruptures interrompues


    • Wednesday, May 6, 1992
    Le Club
    4171, rue Saint-Denis
    • In person

The concert that gave birth to the Parasites duo, with Diane Labrosse and Martin Tétreault. Music made from records, sampled sounds and sound recycling. Improvisation and creation, but also composition, a form of composition invented for vari-speed turntables, Conceptual, contextual composition drawing its resources from trafficking and taking into account the fragile nature of vinyl; generations of snaps, crackles and pops. Composition requiring constant focus and invention from the sound recycler.


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  • Montage des pages 1 et 4 du programme. «Ruptures interrompues» de Diane Labrosse et de Martin Tétreault, concert dans le cadre du quatrième événement «Débâcles» de la saison 91-92 «Ce n’est pas nouveau, c’est vivant»
  • Montage recto verso, carton