Sam Shalabi

  • Tripoli (Libya), 1964
  • Composer • Performer (electric guitar, oud) • Improviser

Sam Shalabi improvises on guitar and the oud by using a multitude of electronic effects. He is an eclectic musician whose sound universe includes free jazz, folk, minimalist music, electro-concrete music, punk, noise and Arabic music. Shalabi is a member of several groups, including the Shalabi Effect, Detention, Molasses, Ci Dy, Sloth is the Love, Po, and Nutsack (which he founded). He has worked mainly with Lisle Ellis, Alexander MacSween, Alexandre Saint-Onge, John Heward, Rainer Wiens, André Asselin, Thierry Amar, and Will Glass. Most of his projects can be found on compact disc, especially on his solo album, Luteness, which was released on the Squint Fucker Press label.