Francis Roberge

  • Drummondville (Québec), 1977
  • Performer (percussion)

Francis was born in a field near Drummondville, on an excessively rainy day of that wonderful year of 1977. An experienced hard-hitter from an early age, he left his hometown — where he had completed not one, but two college degrees in music — with a certain sadness and hit the big city in order to further learn the tricks of the drum-banging trade. He is still there actually, currently completing his last year as an undergraduate student. Francis plays in several groups, including the back-up band of the rising star Catherine Major and the funk band Papillon. He also teaches a percussion workshop at the Université de Montréal, a workshop that often looks more like some kind of controlled collective release. This man with angel eyes displays an uncanny refinement in the mastery of his instruments. Whether he caresses them or beats them up, they always obey his fanciful playing.

Kidding aside, Francis is very involved in Ipso Facto. He largely contributes to concert coordination, publicity surrounding shows, and music creation. A subtle and refined percussionist, Francis had quite an impact upon his inclusion to the group back in September 2000. He has added a lot of rhythm and colors to the compositions, in addition to giving old pieces a fresh look. Incredible rapport, perfect listening skills, and immense talent all have contributed to Francis’s full integration to Ipso Facto’s line-up. A good choice all the way!