Otomo Yoshihide

  • Yokohama (Japan), 1959
  • Composer • Performer (turntable, CD player, electric guitar)

Otomo Yoshihide has explored the nature of sound in many different ways during his career. In 1990, he formed the hugely influential group “Ground Zero,” leading the project through numerous incarnations until its conclusion in 1998. Over the last few years, Otomo has become increasingly interested in minimal wave-based electronics, as heard in his “Filament” and “I.S.O.” projects. Other projects include his “New Jazz Quintet,” who play standards from composers such as Ornette Coleman, Gerry Mulligan and Eric Dolphy, as well as original pieces by Otomo, all refracted through his unique sensibilities. Otomo has collaborated with musicians such as Sachiko M, Günter Müller, Taku Sugimoto, Christian Marclay, Keith Rowe, Toshimaru Nakamura, Jon Rose, John Zorn, and his discography includes more than 150 cd’s. He has also composed numerous soundtracks for dance, movies, and television, and has written articles and essays for Japanese music publications.


In Montréal

  • Pages intérieures du dépliant
    Wednesday, October 29 – Friday, November 14, 2003

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