Milliseconde topographie

  • Montréal (Québec), 20042007
  • Composer • Visual artist (video)
  • Nicolas Bernier

Milliseconde topographie, the Montréal duet of Nicolas Bernier and Delphine Measroch, was formed with the desire to create new avenues of conception and dissemination of electroacoustic music. Their collaboration, which started with an impulsive roadtrip outside of the metropolis in 2004, made its debut with a series of music videos presented at a number of international festivals, notably Japan’s DotMov and Germany’s Transmediale Festival. Prizes were garnered in 2004 at the Chicago Motion Graphic Festival as well as Italy’s Visionaria.

Their ongoing quest for new creative horizons also soon found them exploring the possibilities of underwater sound installation, musical urban posters and soundwalks.

Milliseconde topographie’s work is marked by the will to transcend the coldness of the digital medium in portraying a certain beauty and poetry of the concrete world. The result combines electronic material with field recording, acoustic instruments and archive samples, while always readily allowing the impurities to infiltrate.