Élodie Lombardo

  • France, 1976
  • Performer (dance)

Born in France but living in Québec since 1999, Élodie Lombardo completed a dance degree (performance and creation) at UQAM in April 2003. A truly multifaceted artist, she also took workshops and training sessions in clowning and drama. Her creative approach is driven by a desire to make different disciplines meet. Through her various sensitive processes, she is experimenting with the body’s multiple abilities. Dance, theatrics, and music are worked into a symbiotic relationship. Since 2003, Élodie’s pieces Blouskaille Olouèze, Blou Take Too and Gelsomina have been presented several times on professional stages in Montréal. Her latest work Ganas de Vivir, premiered and produced in collaboration with Danse-Cité and La Compañía de Danza y Arte Escénico in Colima (Mexico), was presented in Fall 2008 at Monument National (Montréal) and in three Mexican cities. Élodie also performs in her sister Séverine Lombardo’s pieces Manège à vide, Les accords d’elles, and Switch. In 2004, they co-founded their own dance company, Sœurs Schmutt. Élodie also co-creates with her sister street performances where dance, drama, and music take over walkways and pavements. As choreographer and performer, she also participates to various artistic collaborations (notably with Fanfare Pourpour, Productions SuperMusique and La 2e Porte à Gauche).


Live pictures

  • Philippe Lauzier, Élodie Lombardo / Concert, Édifice Belgo, Montréal (Québec) [Photograph: Céline Côté, Montréal (Québec), October 10, 2009]