Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

  • Jérusalem (Israel)
  • Composer • Performer (voice)

“The communal spirit of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s 13 Lunar Meditations — Summoning the Witches feels like a gift.” said Downbeat magazine about Jerusalem-born, Montréal based Gottlieb’s most recent double-vinyl release. In this song cycle reflecting on the stages of the moon, Ayelet continues her exploration of large scale compositions surrounding a theme relating to nature and the illusive qualities of our dream-realities.

Gottlieb is a musician, a visionary and a mother.

A former student of pianist Ran Blake, and collaborator of composer John Zorn, contemporary string quartet ETHEL and Palestinian poet Naomi Shihab Nye, Ayelet is an international composer-improviser-performer who has released eleven albums as a band-leader or co-leader. These days, Ayelet extends her creativity into supporting the works of other artists via her Orchard of Pomegranates community on Patreon. A held space for versatile creative exploration, Orchard of Pomegranates’ offerings span from avant-jazz studies to deep listening in the spirit of Pauline Oliveros and communal Dreamweaving. In April-May 2022, Ayelet and Orchard of Pomegranates were Virtual Artists in Residence at Ione’s 27th Annual Dream Festival.