Thom Gossage

  • Composer • Performer (drum kit)

With credits on more than 20 albums, composer/percussionist Thom Gossage needs no introduction. His band Other Voices tours regularly, and in 2002, they won the Prix Opus for best jazz concert at the Montréal International Jazz Festival. His frequent collaborations with established musicians and his contributions to the field of contemporary dance all demonstrate his desire to keep taking the music to new places.

In Montréal

  • Extrait du feuillet
    Thursday, November 7, 2002 – Sunday, June 1, 2003
  • Page 3 du programme de l’événement NOMA et Tom Walsh
    Thursday, November 7 – Friday, December 6, 2002

On tour

  • Tom Walsh at Western Front [Photograph: Laurence Svirchev, Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada), February 20, 2004]
    Thursday, May 20 – Thursday, September 9, 2004