L Alexis Emilianoff

  • Performer

L Alexis Emilianoff is a sound artist based in Montréal currently inventing and performing with acoustic and electronic instruments. Her approach is highly divergent and dependent on exploration in material research and physics: temperature changes, magnetism, and water conductivity animate her installations. She designs systems to allow the ‘breakthrough’ of the electrical medium and its sonic form, whether periodic, arrhythmic, abrasive, obstinate… these are the ‘expressive traits’ of our electroscape. Current projects include hybrid sound output systems and modifying standard pianos for Persian music, as well as performing with the Balinese Gamelan group Giri Kedaton. She has performed in Canada, Europe and the United States of America, at the MCA Chicago, the Banff Centre, and at CNMAT (UC Berkeley); and has published in Leonardo Music Journal. Collaborators include Florian Grond, Adrian Freed, Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski and Amir Amiri; as well as research partnerships with the music technology centres CNMAT (UC Berkeley) and CIRMMT (McGill University).